CalvaryChurch-17This weekend is going to be AMAZING at every Calvary campus.
Here are five things you can do to get ready:


#1 – Read Psalm 34:3; 40:16 & 69:30 (scriptures for the weekend) and pick out ONE THING that stands out to you and post it on social media. Make sure to tag @calvarychurchcc so we can see how God is speaking to you.

#2 – Get to your campus a little early…the service isn’t technically starting with a song!  

#3 – Bring somebody!  (Don’t ask them. Bring them!!!)  

#4 – GET YOUR KIDS HERE!!  I’m serious, we always have something special for the kiddos to fire them up!  (If you missed my blog last week on how skipping church affects our children check it out here https://bendailey.com/how-skipping-church-affects-our-children/)

#5 – Pray specifically that Jesus will do something in your heart…and in the heart of our church this weekend.  

I cannot wait to be back in the house!

~ Ben Dailey