Enough – Living A Life Beyond Performance

Daily, we are bombarded with messages that our acceptance is earned, our value never exceeds our hustle, and a person’s worth never exceeds their net worth. The problem is that these mantras strangle and crush us-in our pursuit of a joy-filled relationship with God.In Enough, Pastors Ben Dailey and Travis Hall dismantle the house of cards of living a performance-driven life to earn God’s love. This uplifting narrative will help you: 

  • Explore and discover the root cause of your striving for God’s acceptance.
  • Rethink your misperceptions about who God really is and how much He loves you.
  • Boldy step into your daily reality . . . that you are enough in Christ!
It’s time to free yourself from performance-once and for all. Jesus paid that price on the cross so that you wouldn’t have to!

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