CalvaryChurch-23I’m believing for another GREAT weekend at all of our campuses! Here are 5 things I want everyone at Calvary to know about this weekend:


#1 – My message Praise Opens The Door was only schedule to be one weekend, but I can’t stop!  I believe this is a word for the house! So we’re going deeper this weekend. If you missed part 1 click HERE and in preparation for this weekend meditate on Revelation 3:7 & Psalm 34.

#2 – Every adult attending this weekend will get a FREE GIFT to remind you of the victory you have in Jesus!

#3 – Get your children to Calvary Kids! We have something special lined up for them and they will leave hyped about Jesus!

#4 – Invite 3 friends this weekend and help us spread the word through social media.

#5 – Do not be late – the opening song is going to be one of those things we never forget.  

I can’t wait for this weekend!

~ Ben Dailey