CalvaryChurch-5In my blog this week, I’m providing key takeaways from the sixth installment of our Sacred Cows series at Calvary Church. As a background, our Sacred Cows messages are intended to place a microscope on a few widely held religious beliefs and terminologies used in the church world. As such, we confront these man-made traditions and doctrines–specific to Mark 7:13–with the hopes to highlight the truths of God’s word and bring greater freedom to the life of the believer.

In this message, I addressed the following sacred cow–our sins are ‘covered’ by the blood of Jesus. At first glance some may question the issues surrounding this sacred cow given its commonality and broad communication throughout the church. However, upon greater inquiry and revelation of God’s word, I discovered this sacred cow actually disguises a serious error regarding Jesus’ work on the cross.

Many Christians may often equate this statement to God’s forgiveness, and while I agree with that assertion, I have a serious problem with the way it’s communicated. For the believer, this shorthand expression and quick cliché communicates a deep misunderstanding about the perfect work of Jesus Christ on the cross. As such, the following three points will expound on a few truths for you to consider regarding this sacred cow.

1. The Old Testament ‘Sacrifices’ Covered ‘Sins’ Temporarily

When examining the forgiveness of sins under the Old Covenant, it’s important to understand that forgiveness required continual sacrifices in exchange for the temporary coverage of sins. Despite the many sacrifices of the Law, it’s important to again remember that all of them temporarily covered the sins of man, at best. Hebrews 10:4-5 drives this point home as it states, “It is impossible for the blood of bulls and goats to take away sins. Therefore…Christ came into the world…”CalvaryChurch-28

2. The New Testament ‘Sacrifice’ Cutoff ‘Sin’ Permanently

As I touched upon in Part 4 of this Sacred Cows series, it’s imperative we “rightly divide the word of truth” (2 Tim. 2:15, NIV). The Old Testament sacrifices served to only temporarily address sin’s fruit but the New Testament Sacrifice–Jesus Christ–offered Himself to permanently address sin’s nature and root. This exceedingly greater work far outpaces the expressions and clichés of temporary coverage for the believer. Jesus’ better sacrifice permanently destroyed sin’s nature and graciously ushered a union and eternal participation in God’s divine nature for the believer! To this truth, I stand grateful and celebrate the perfect work of the Lamb of God who put away, disannulled, cutoff, completely destroyed and eradicated sin forevermore!

3. The New Testament ‘Sacrifice’ Changed You Completely

CalvaryChurch-19In Christ, you have a completely new history! This great news extends beyond a repaired track record
and means the Father sees you with an unblemished record entirely. Your past isn’t covered but rewritten in the beautiful exchange at the cross. This exchange signified your co-death, co-burial, co-resurrection and co-reign with Jesus! You represent all things completely changed as “you no longer live, but Christ lives in you and the life you now live is not yours but it is lived by faith in the Son of God, who loved you and gave Himself for you” (Gal. 2:20). You died at the cross, and by faith, you’re a saint, a trophy of Christ’s victory, born of imperishable seed. You’re a new creation, complete in Christ Jesus, a child of God, the apple of your Father’s eye, one with the Lord and eternally redeemed. You’re completely forgiven, seated with Christ in heavenly realms, dead to sin and alive to God!

Believer, you can SHOUT knowing your sins aren’t temporarily covered but permanently destroyed by the blood of Jesus. Don’t artificially keep your old past on life support but rather enjoy the fruits of your new nature. You are completely changed, totally righteous, bona fide, qualified, anointed and a powerful carrier of God’s authority. That’s what Jesus’ eradication of sin has done for you and that’s who you are!