I love Sunday morning corporate worship at Calvary Church, but...

… corporate gatherings alone will dry me up.

It energizes me to worship with other believers, and be challenged by gospel preaching. But weekend worship experiences cannot be the only time we remind ourselves of who we are in Christ!

So here are 12 reasons that Gospel Circles are vital to your grace walk!

1. It’s too easy to hide in a large gathering.
It’s tougher to hide in a gospel circle.

2. It’s too easy to be passive during a sermon. Wallflowers don’t last long in a gospel circle.⁣

3. There’s little to no accountability at a weekend worship experience only. Follow-through is much easier in a gospel circle.⁣

4. We’re prone to think we matter too little. Gospel circles remind us that we’re loved.⁣

5. We’re prone to think we matter too much. Gospel circles remind us that others have problems, too. And we can all set our eyes on the problem solver. ⁣

6. We’re prone to think, “they need to hear this.” Gospel circles challenge us to personally apply gospel Truth.⁣

7. We’re prone to think, “this is only for me…” Gospel circles keep us from cycling into destructive self-pity and loathing.⁣

8. When we cry, there’s nobody to ask us, “What’s going on?” Gospel circles don’t let tears go unchecked.⁣

9.“Be quiet while the pastor’s preaching!” A gospel circle gives you time to have deep, life-stirring conversations with people.

10. Convictions go unchecked. When the Spirit moves in a gospel circle, you’ve got time to slow down and respond.⁣

11. Specific needs go un-prayed for. Gospel circles pray for the specific needs of their friends and family.⁣

12. There’s no time for questions. Gospel circles ask hard questions and allow for discovery.